Free Download - Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance App

Now you can drive with added peace of mind. If you ever experience a flat tire, a vehicle lock-out, an empty fuel tank, or require a tow due to a mechanical failure, Mitsubishi's free Road Assist iPhone app will put you directly in touch with a professional trained to dispatch reliable roadside assistance to you, 24/7/365. Thanks to GPS-enabled technology, you won't even need to know your vehicle's location. Plus, this easy-to-use app will provide you with the service provider's E.T.A. as well as ongoing updates. It even lets you input critical data about your Mitsubishi - such as the VIN - for more efficient service. And for added safety, the app includes an emergency response button for use in urgent situations. Download Mitsubishi's free Road Assist iPhone app today - and drive anywhere with added confidence.

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