Mitsubishi to Send i-MiEV to the Clouds

Since 1916, rally enthusiasts have flocked to Pike's Peak in Colorado with their four-wheelers, cars, trucks, and motorcycles to race to the top of the mountain. This is a track that's seen just about everything, and where some of the world's greatest racers have set world records. Automaker Mitsubishi certainly isn't a stranger to the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (aka The Race to the Clouds), but on July 8th of this year, they'll be putting their latest little innovation to the test.

Which car will it be? Well, if you've been following the Sport Mitsubishi blog at all, you're probably going to wager a guess that it's the i-MiEV. If that's the case, you're absolutely right.

As of today, the fastest run to the top of Pike's Peak is 9:51.278, set by Nobuhiro Tajima in a Suzuki SX4. Electric cars aren't far behind, with the current record being at just 12:20. But we think that the 66 horsepower, 145 pound-foot torque electric motor powering the Mitsubishi i gives it a fine chance of breaking that electric vehicle record.

If you're following Pike's Peak news, you might not recognize the i zipping up to the top of the mountain. But rest assured that it's powered by the very same batteries and motor as the one you'll find in the Sport Mitsubishi showroom. The performance version is wider and lower to the ground than the production version, and of course it features a roll-cage and racing seats for safety, among other things. But it also doesn't contain extra passenger seats, comfort components and other gadgets and things. So despite being a bit larger, it should tip the scales around the same weight at just about 2,500 pounds.

And here's another interesting little tidbit for the 2012 race: two-time record holder, Tajima? He's entering an electric car this year, too. His goal? To re-break his own record in an EV.

If that's not confidence in EV technology, we don't know what is.

Want to see the car set to zip up to the top of Pike's Peak this summer? Just stop by our showroom at 3772 West Colonial Dr Orlando, FL 32808. A member of our team is happy to arrange a test drive of any of the new Mitsubishi models in our showroom - we'll just have to ask you to leave the stunt driving to the professionals!

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